IMPORTANT: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, all tutoring hours have been moved online. Use the online location links on your Blackboard course to connect with a tutor.

General Questions
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Who uses the Hub?
Students visit the Hub when they want to improve their academic skills and/or their grades, engage in curricular and co-curricular activities, connect and build academic/professional communities, and more.

What programs or services are offered?
The Hub offers the following programs; please click on the links below to learn more:
TutoringReview Sessions, academic/professional workshops and presentations

Do I need to be in a business course or business major to use the Hub?
Yes, The Hub programs and events are open to students who are in business courses and business programs only.

Where is the Hub?
The Hub is in the Business Building 3.02.26.

The Hub Reservation
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Who can reserve the Hub?
The College of Business reserves the Hub for tutoring sessions and other curricular/co-curricular activities.

Do I have access to the Hub?
Please see the tutoring hours.

I reserved the Hub. Where can I pick up the key card?
For reserved activities, the responsible person can pick up and drop off the key card at the front desk in the Dean’s Office (BB 4.01.02) during business hours.

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How does tutoring work?
The best tutoring experience is when a student comes to a session prepared with specific questions. Tutors respond to questions and help fill in the gaps and/or clarify a concept. Tutors also provide guidance for students as they work through problems.
When you attend  Drop-In Tutoring, you will first check-in with your tutor.  After each tutoring session, you will complete a brief evaluation of your session.

Where does the drop-in tutoring take place?
Accounting – The Hub (BB 3.02.26)
Economics – The Hub
Finance – The Financial Studies Center (BB 1.01.04)
Management Science & Statistics (MS&S) – The Stats Lab (BB 3.02.16)
ISCS – Java, 1403, 1413 (various locations), other subjects (Cyber Security Lab, NPB 1.236)

Do students need to sign in and sign out at the tutoring locations?
All students who use drop-in tutoring must sign in and out. A computer station near the entrance is designated for signing in & out. We will use the record for future allocation of TAs.

How does online tutoring work?
We currently offer online tutoring for the following departments:
Finance, MS&S, Economics: Students can access online tutoring during scheduled times through a link in their Blackboard course. Only the courses that are currently supported by online tutoring have the link.
Accounting: Students in the supported online courses need to schedule an appointment with a TA on the appointment scheduler through their Blackboard course. Once the appointment is submitted and confirmed by the TA, the student will receive a confirmation email with a link to the online one-on-one tutoring location. An appointment block is 15 minutes and a student may schedule a maximum of 3 appointments per day. Students may make same-day appointments.

Do I need to make an appointment to see a TA online?
For online tutoring, you don’t need to make an appointment. Go to your course on Blackboard to connect with a TA.
*For Accounting online tutoring, schedule an appointment on your Blackboard course.

How many online appointments for accounting courses can I make per day?
You may schedule a maximum of three (3) appointments per day.

What happens if I forgot to cancel an appointment?
As a courtesy, please cancel the appointment 24 hours in advance. You will be marked as a “no-show” in our records.  For students who regularly do not show up for appointments, you may be temporarily blocked from accessing our appointment calendar.

What can I do if I've run out of daily appointments but I still need help?
If you’re working regularly with a TA, contact him/her directly and ask about possible openings.  You can also come to the drop-in tutoring sessions.

I cannot come to the tutoring sessions. Is there a way to ask a tutor?
We also offer The HubQ (“ask a tutor” link on the Hub site) where a student can post a question for AccountingEconomicsFinanceISCS and MS&S departments.
Here is how it works:
1.     A student posts a question to a course on The HubQ (ex, ACC2013, FIN3013).
2.     Tutors receive a notification email.
3.     Tutors post an answer on The HubQ.
4.     The student receives an email notification.
IMPORTANT: Students must use their UTSA email (***@my.utsa.edu or ***@utsa.edu) to register at the HubQ.

How much does tutoring cost?
Both drop-in and one-on-one tutoring are free.

Review Sessions
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What is a review session?
Tutors will target specific topics and concepts or provide quiz/exam prep for students to be successful in their courses. Review sessions are based on student need and will likely be scheduled at the Hub or other tutoring locations.

Where can I find the review session schedules?
Go to the Review Session Calendar. Faculty should work with the lead TA for scheduling review sessions.

Can Faculty request a review session for my students?
Faculty can request a session on this web site.
IMPORTANT: Each department should designate a point person for courses with multiple sections for the lead TA to work collaboratively with throughout the semester.